Case Reports

What, did you think we were actually going to dream up some spoof case reports for voodoo medicine?  Too easy - just take any of the alleged "miracle cures" reported in the veterinary press by the alternative medicine fraternity, and substitute "voodoo" for whatever arcane mysticism was actually employed.

This page provides an opportunity for colleagues to publicise the case reports the homoeopaths don't submit to the journals - the ones you've encountered where prescribing pure water and pretending it's medicine didn't happen to coincide with a spontaneous recovery, and the disease took its expected course.  Case reports suitable for presentation should be sent to the Hon. Secretary.  It isn't necessary to mention any names, in fact it's probably better if you don't, but all cases should be true and within your own personal experience.  No tall tales or tenth-hand anecdotes, please.

A Skin Complaint in a Dog

A Hyperthyroid Cat

Allergic Dermatitis in a Horse

Another dog with bad skin

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