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John Newcombe and colleagues Time for statement on unproven medicines 17th March 2003
John Saxton Homoeopathic remedies 'well proven' 7th April 2003
Niall Taylor 'No such thing as alternative medicine' 7th April 2003
John Hoare In defence of homoeopathy 28th April 2003
Bob Plenderleith Time to treat subject with seriousness... 26th May 2003
Morag Kerr 'Extraordinary' claims of homoeopathy.... 26th May 2003
Niall Taylor .... and a complete absence of evidence 26th May 2003
Sasha Farr Homoeopathic vaccine led to puppy deaths 2nd June 2003
Peter Gregory Homoeopathy 'doesn't need proof' 16th June 2003
John Hoare Homoeopathy: fables and fairy tales? 23rd June 2003
Peter Gregory Need for rational consideration of issues 23rd June 2003
John Hoare Homoeopathy: call for thorough study 30th June 2003
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Chris Chesney Homoeopathy - 1: having an open mind 7th July 2003
George Tribe and Morag Kerr 2: Can we really take it seriously? 7th July 2003
Simon and Caroline Baker 3: Rose-tinted view no longer tenable 7th July 2003
Niall Taylor 4: Falling back on the scientific method 7th July 2003
Chris Fellows The use of placebos? 21st July 2003
Tracy Gower Respect client beliefs 21st July 2003
Richard Allport Successful 'magic' of homoeopathy 28th July 2003
Simon Baker 'Guilty until proven innocent' 28th July 2003
Andrea Hehlmann We are just going round in circles.... 28th July 2003
Bob Plenderleith Can we justify the unjustifiable? 28th July 2003
Hamish Rogers 'Unfounded allegations' 4th August 2003
Peter Gregory A valuable tool.... 4th August 2003
Francis Hunter Facts on homoeopathy 11th August 2003
Mike Jessop Don't believe a word.... 11th August 2003
Simon Baker Explaining 'magic' 11th August 2003
Peter Culpin Stop bickering.... 18th August 2003
Sarah Hamilton Poor quality of debate 18th August 2003
John Hoare Calm and rational discussion necessary 25th August 2003
Christopher Kenyon Complementary healing 'works well' 25th August 2003
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Morag Kerr Homoeopathy: the magic challenge 25th August 2003
Editorial Strong attacks, strong defence 1st September 2003
Simon Baker 'Craft has no rational basis' 1st September 2003
George Tribe Homoeopathy not recognised by RCVS 1st September 2003
Richard Allport Holistic approach 'should be the norm' 1st September 2003
Niall Taylor 'Dogged defence of the indefensible' 1st September 2003
Nick Myerscough Homoeopathy: 'huge benefit from trials' 8th September 2003
John Saxton Medical discipline based on valid precepts 8th September 2003
Peter Gregory An issue of beliefs 15th September 2003
Neil Stoddard New name suggested 15th September 2003
Mark Goodman Absence of references doesn't help cause 22nd September 2003
John Hoare Homoeopathy: a lack of understanding 6th October 2003
Trixie Williams It is a medicine in its own right... 6th October 2003
Morag Kerr Randi Challenge is still on 6th October 2003
Nick Myerscough Homoeopathy: where does the problem lie? 20th October 2003
Morag Kerr Homoeopathy: the million dollar challenge 27th October 2003
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Peter Gregory Illogical core belief about homoeopathy 17th November 2003
John Hoare Study would enable a more sensible debate 17th November 2003
Niall Taylor What value references? 15th December 2003
Morag Kerr Homoeopathy: no sympathy for magicians 2nd February 2004
Edward de Beukelaer Not comparable to conventional medicine 2nd February 2004
E. J. A. Macholc A self-interest group? 16th February 2004
Simon Baker Keeping quiet.... 16th February 2004
Niall Taylor Invitation to prove one way or the other 23rd February 2004
R. W. Leckridge Homoeopathy well integrated into NHS 15th March 2004
Niall Taylor No substitute for proper evidence 29th March 2004
Morag Kerr The issue of fraud.... 31st May 2004
Niall Taylor Response 'a bit rich' 7th June 2004
Simon Baker Homoeopathy: 'it's a funny old world' 12th July 2004
Trixie Williams One day we will discover how it works.... 12th July 2004
Niall Taylor Towards a new dawn of enlightenment.... 12th July 2004
Morag Kerr Money is there for the taking 19th July 2004
Bob Plenderleith What goes round, comes round.... 2nd August 2004
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Steve Dean EDTA tris not for use under cascade provisions 9th August 2004
Peter Gregory Why should we create other problems? 9th August 2004
D. M. Tansey Dismayed by nonsense.... 16th August 2004
Simon Baker Ear infections, cascade and homoeopathy.... 23rd August 2004
Steve Dean Use of medicines under the cascade 20th September 2004
Caroline Baker and 9 colleagues What now for those who practise homoeopathy? 25th October 2004
Peter Gregory Homoeopathic medicines: biological activity shown 29th November 2004
Richard Laven No proof required for homoeopathy 24th January 2005
Richard Edwards Homoeopaths 'guilty of deliberate fraud' 7th February 2005
Mrs B. M. Williams Conventional treatment not always the answer 21st February 2005
Martin Atkinson Are gullible clients being hoodwinked? 21st February 2005
Simon Baker Homoeopaths steering clear of side-effects 28th February 2005
Niall Taylor Regulations will make VMD a 'laughing stock' 14th March 2005
William Swift Is tapping the vial key to homoeopathic remedies? 14th March 2005
Simon Baker Homoeopathy anecdotes lacked evidence 18th April 2005
William Swift Case for homoeopathy tolerance not made 18th April 2005
Steve Dean Clarification on UK homoeopathic legislation 25th April 2005
Alex Gough Still unclear on place of homoeopathic remedies 9th May 2005
Peter Edmonson More confusion over medicine rules 16th May 2005

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